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Welcome to my book page. In 2021 The Legendary Women Ancestor Series began with book one, The Legend of Randine, Entering the Sisterhood, book two was published in the Spring, 2022. This year, 2023, I am launching book three, Kisti’s Royal Garden. Check out the link below to view Robin’s Youtube presentation about Kisti’s Royal Garden.

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Kisti’s Royal Garden are a collection of true stories of the Lysne family who traveled via wagon train, to northern Wisconsin in the 1850’s and became extended family of the Winnebago’s now called the Ho-Chunk people. The book also follows the Civil War saga and the recovery from the war across the country.

Book Launch YouTube VIdeo

See the video of Robin’s book launch of Kisti’s Royal Garden!

The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood is based on a true story in 1820’s Norway. This warm-hearted novel immerses you in the life of Randine, a young pregnant teen, who overcomes tremendous losses with the support of her mentor, then embarks on a new midwifery career only to discover love again.

The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood: Order now. $20.

Book ReviewsLegendary Ancestor Series: Book One

The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood

Robin Lysne transports us to nineteenth century Norway in this beautifully written story of the spirited midwife Randine. I admired this atmospheric and carefully researched historical novel immensely. 

Elizabeth McKenzie 
author of The Portable Veblen
Santa Cruz, CA

The Legend of Randine is filled with surprising discoveries. Through the multiple uncertainties of Norway in transition, Randine finds her survival and acceptance tied with a sisterhood of midwives who assist women through the dangers and joys of childbirth using time-honored skills and caring. Randine’s life story could be that of many women of early 1800’s Norway.  Losses, chance and unlikely opportunities coincide with complex people in her life to engage the reader through a rich landscape of a time otherwise hidden to us. 

Ralph Knudson, M.D. and Musician
LaCrosse, WI 

The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood begins the fascinating life of a young woman, called to be a midwife in the first half of the 1800’s. It’s accurate detail and pace sweeps one along in a stirring story based on historical fact with a gripping narrative.

Nan Heerens-Knudson, M.A., P.A.
Playwright, Actress and Artist
LaCrosse, WI 

In The Legend of Randine: The Laerdal Letters (book two), love blooms for Randine as she enters a community that is so different than Bergen. How does she adjust? What is her passport to Laerdal? How does she find love in the backwater of the Sogn og Fjord?

Learn about a baby boom that she gets caught in, and how it shapes her life as a young woman learning to become a midwife and a mother. These questions and so much more are in book two.

The Legend of Randine: The Laerdal Letters Order now. $20.

Book ReviewsLegendary Ancestor Series: Book Two

The Legend of Randine: The Laerdal Letters

My own Norwegian ancestry initially drew me to The Legend of Randine, and I was quickly engaged by the story of Randine. I highly recommend this beautifully written novel, not only for its compelling characters, but also for its previously untold drama of the development of midwifery in rural Norway. 

Ruth Olsen Saxton
Professor Emerita of English
Mills College
Oakland, CA

Here are some of my previous books, most recent to oldest. All books are can be ordered through this website, through your local independent bookstore, or through Amazon.

Ceremonies from the Heart is an updated version of Dancing Up the Moon with added information about ceremonies for boys and men, and the Earth.

Mosaic, New and Selected Poems, is a collection of poems from many years of writing and publishing poetry in magazines and journals. Poems for the Lost Deer, was written about the murder of Axis and Fallow deer in Marin County by the National Park Service, and was also my graduate thesis from Mills College. It was my first published book of poems.
Mosaic $15.
Heart Path $20.

Heart Path, and Heart Path Handbook, are both available and support self-love to Self-Love and speak of Energy Medicine. Heart Path also connects you with your guides and angels.

Sacred Living, and Dancing Up The Moon, were published in 1997 and 1995 respectively by Conari Press, Berkeley, CA. Both are out of print. Ceremonies from the Heart is a revised edition of Dancing Up the Moon.
Dancing Up the Moon